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Planet GriefPublisher: Orca, 2018

What a crappy way to spend a weekend. The always-sarcastic Abby would rather be playing soccer, and the cagily quiet Christopher thinks a grief retreat is a waste of time.Neither of them wants to spend two days talking about their feelings. But despite their best efforts to stay aloof, Abby and Christopher are drawn into the lives of the other kids at the retreat. Maybe their stories will make them rethink how they are dealing with their own losses.

"Planet Grief reads true thanks to Polak's literary craft and her research, but also because of the writer's decades-long experience as a teacher of young people. Never one to skirt difficult issues, Monique Polak has given us a book that speaks to the people around us of any age who are struggling with the loss of a loved one" -- Montreal Review of Books

"this is an honest story about loss and sadness. The author introduces a little mystery and some well placed dollops of humour that keep the book from becoming bleak. Planet Grief offers young readers a powerful and validating story about feelings, empathy, honesty and coping with loss" -- Canadian Children's Booknews

"Good bibliotherapy...Middle school students will enjoy and benefit from this book. The writing is engaging, the topic is important, and the message is well-delivered." -- SLC_Online (School Library Connection)

"Compelling" -- Kirkus Review

"The story is engagingly told from the changing perspective of two narrators: Abby and Christopher. It makes for an intimate and ... moving view" -- January Magazine