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pyroPublisher: Orca, 2012

Ever since he was small, Franklin has been soothed by fire. Staring into the flames helps Franklin forget his problems. And right now, he''s got a lot to forget. Franklin''s mother has left the family home to be with her hairdresser boyfriend. Franklin''s father, the mayor of Montreal West, is too busy worrying about his public image to do anything about the family. As a rash of local fires competes with upcoming elections for media attention, Franklin''s father has to work hard to keep the public happy. And Franklin has to reconsider his romance with fire.


"A gripping story about taboo behavior" -- VOYA 

"A solid coming-of-age story...Its simple plot and language make it accessible to many readers, especially English Language Learners and reluctant young teens. The simplicity of the story does not take away from the depth of the issues or characters" -- Resource Links

"This title is fast-paced, and will hold readers' attention from start to finish" -- Library Media Connection

"An enjoyable read...The characters are likeable, easy to relate to, and well-drawn, especially the good-hearted Franklin and strong-willed Tracy. The plot is fast-paced and compelling and will hook both male and female readers." -- CM Magazine

"Despite this book's relatively short length, there's a satisfying plot including enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the final chapter" -- Montreal Review of Books

"A well-crafted young adult novel that brings to light an issue that affects many teens today, but has been overlooked.... With a breezy writing style and a strong knack to tell a good story from beginning to end, Polak will certainly give a cry for help to those teenagers who light a fire nto for warmth, but as an escape from anxiety and personal problems" -- The West End Times

"Franklin makes Pyro a conversation piece of a book.... the overall effect ... can be appreciated by all age groups" -- Facepuller