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Home Invasion

invasionPublisher: Orca, 2005

Josh is less than thrilled that he has a new stepfather, and finds his personal habits – and his personality – irritating. When his mother leaves town, Josh is left to spend a week with Clay. Resenting his new living arrangements and his unorthodox home life, Josh finds himself drawn to the idea of a “regular” family and, on a whim, sneaks into a neighbour’s house to see how others live.

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On the Game

onthegame2Publisher: James Lorimer, 2005

There’s nothing more exciting than being young and in love – especially when the object of your affection is older and showers you with gifts and attention. But when Yolande’s new boyfriend, Etienne, asks her to go on a date with another guy, it becomes clear that his love comes at a terrible price.

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No More Pranks

pranksPublisher: Orca, 2004

Pete likes to play pranks. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it gets a laugh. When he impersonates his vice-principal on a radio call-in show, he goes too far and is suspended from school.

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Flip Turn

flipturnPublisher: James Lorimer, 2004

Victoria Miller is a hard-working member of a Montreal swim team who has been training six days a week for the past four years. That’s what it takes to keep up with her teammate and rival, Svetlana. Most of the other swimmers are spurred on by their parents – but not Victoria.

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