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Aujourd'hui, je vous écris en francais, cher lecteur de mon blog, car je veux parler un peu de Poupée, la très belle traduction de mon livre On the Game. Poupée vient de sortir. Le livre est traduit par Hélène Pilotto, et publie par Courte Echelle, un publicateur ici a Montreal.

How is my French so far? If your French is better than mine, please send me any corrections ASAP!

The reason I am thinking so much about Poupée is that I spent part of this afternoon contacting Hélène Pilotto. I wanted to thank her for the wonderful job she did translating the book -- and I also wanted to know whether she was game to try and do some interviews together. Hélène replied, via e-mail, that she tends to be a little shy. She also remarked that in general, translators are behind-the-scenes-sort-of-people. But she did say she'd be willing to do this kind of work if we get the opportunity.

I should mention, too, that my friend and fellow CEGEP teacher Lori Weber also has a French translation out with Courte Echelle. Her book is called Klepto (same name in English) and both Poupée and Klepto are being released as part of Courte Echelle's new Parkour series.

What I find exciting is that a whole new world seems to be opening up for me. I have lived in Montreal all my life and though I speak French and sometimes do interviews in French, most of my days happen in English. So today I say "un grand merci" and "enchantée" to the team at Courte Echelle and to Hélène Pilotto. Thanks for making my world "un peu plus grand"!

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Guest - Mark on Wednesday, 16 March 2011 19:35

cars is written without an s !

cars is written without an s ! :)
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