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Hello Again From Salluit!

Ikusik School in Salluit is closed this morning on account of high winds -- they're gusting at about 80 kilometers an hour right now. My flight to Kangirsuk has been cancelled. I'm hoping the students will be able to make it in this afternoon so that I can maximize my time here and do a few more writing workshops. Then, if all goes well, I'll fly out to Kangirsuk first thing tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, I worked with Janie, who teaches Grade Six French. Janie and her students are working on a Christmas story and she asked if I might have some tips for her. "Last year," she said, "the students wrote a story about elves who fart on the lake. This year, I want them to have more ideas!"

I suggested to Janie that she encourage the students to interview their grandparents -- and ask them about obstacles they've faced in their lives and how they overcame them. We also discussed how the real theme of Christmas is new beginnings. Perhaps, Janie's students can come up with a character together (they'll need to do some brainstorming in order to decide basic things about this character -- is it a boy or girl? how old is he or she? what does he or she want most in the world? what obstacles does he or she face? what could be a new beginning for this character?)

I also helped Katherine's Grade Seven English class write a group poem. Just about everyone in the class contributed. I'm going to post what the students came up with. I think it's pretty beautiful! (Oh, you'll need to know that pualuk means mittens in Inuktitut.)

Happy Winter Days in Salluit 

By Katherine's Grade Seven Class

After school

Just snow

The air smells fresh

My hands are warm inside my pualuk

I made them myself in girls' culture class

They keep me warm and I'm proud because I made them.

After school

Just snow

I climb up on a pile of snow

And flip over on my back

A bit of snow gets in under my jacket

And melts on my back

I feel cold, but happy.

One day, I'd like to see the beach in Los Angeles

Or a basketball game in Montreal

Or get a hug from Justin Bieber!

For now, though, I'm playing in Salluit and having a snowball fight.



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Monday, 04 December 2023

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