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Hippity Hoppity Happy Writer

I was just in my car thinking how I'm feeling like a hippity hoppity happy writer. I think those words only when I'm feeling most happy. And the reason I'm HHH (see, I won't make youkeep reading the words!) is because I got the notes on my manuscript Miracleville from my wonderful dear super smart editor Sarah Harvey .

This means that come next week, I'll put aside the historical manuscript I've been working on and start draft two of Miracleville. I have nearly a month to get it done. I took down lots of notes during my phone meeting today with Sarah -- and there were a few things she said that made me think, "Hey, I can share that with my blog readers!" For example, towards the end of our chat, Sarah told me, "Flail away at it for a while!" -- which I thought was a terrific description of what re-writing is like. You can probably tell Sarah is a writer herself. And later, when Sarah summed up what I've got to do on the re-write, she said, "It's a question of making your characters as true and vivid as they can be." Yes, yes, I thought, that's exactly what I need to do... and perhaps, if you, dear blog reader, are working on your own stories, or thinking about working on your own story, you'll be able to relate.

Anyway, it's a great privilege to work with an editor who "gets" what a writer is trying to do. Three cheers -- and a hug -- for Sarah Harvey!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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