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Moving Backwards to Go Forwards

I think I used a similar title for a blog entry a few months ago -- must be because I'm at the same stage in the writing process. I'm working on the very first draft of a manuscript called Junkyard Dog (it's about guard dogs) and I'm about to start writing the final chapter. Only before I can go ahead and try to bring the whole story to a conclusion, I feel like I have to go backto the beginning and see where the story has taken me... hence the title of this blog entry, "Moving Backwards to Go Forwards."

We're having a snowstorm in Montreal and my husband and I are supposed to leave this afternoon for a visit to his family in Long Island, New York -- only now I'm not so sure we'll want to hit the road in this kind of weather. I'm packed and ready to go, but to be honest, I'd be quite happy to have a quiet afternoon here in front of the computer, moving backwards. Won't be back at my desk until early next week, and then I'm going to spend two days working with Cree students in northern Quebec. Should have lots to report to you in this blog. Be happy, be safe, have fun, let me know what you are reading!!

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Sunday, 14 August 2022

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