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My Mind is Writing!

Most of me is busy correcting -- I hope to get all my grading done by the middle of this week... but my mind, well, let's just say it has a MIND of its own! A very cool thing started happening this weekend... and it has to do with my mind. Even though, I won't officially start working on my new book project until all my schoolwork is done, my mind is thinking otherwise.

I keep comingup with ideas for the next book! I got some ideas on Friday night when I was at a Marianopolis theatre production called The Curative Process. I haven't told you much about my new book project -- but it has to do with miracles and religion... and there was a part in the play about Joan of Arc. Joan was played by one of my former students, Irina Cionca, who was most convincing as the famous heroine. Anyway, that got me thinking about "hearing voices" and what it must feel like to be "called" by God. So I reached into my purse for my pen and scribbled a few notes on my program.
The following morning, I got up with an IDEA IN MY HEAD! I know I want a grandmother in the book (I am a great fan of grandmothers having had the best one in the universe!!) -- and I got this idea for what my grandmother's hobby will be! (It has something to do with miracles, but not in an obvious way!)

So you see, this is what happens sometimes when you are working on a book or some other creative project.... your mind is working even when you don't think it is... even when you are dozing in bed! Okay, I better get back to my marking. Hope your mind is entertaining you with good ideas, too!
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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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