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New Friends in Cicero, Illinois

Well, today I received a very interesting packet of letters from three students at Unity Junior High School in Cicero, Illinois! There was also a letter from their teacher, Janine Katonah. Ms. Katonah's students have been studying books in Orca's Soundings series, which includes some of my titles. So today, I want to say a very special hello to Ms. Katonah's students Alberto H., PaolaS., and Rosalia G. Great to hear from you guys!

In their letters, the students ask me several interesting questions about the writing process and about how I came up with the ideas for the books they are reading. Though I plan to answer each letter separately, I thought I'd devote today's blog entry to answering one of Alberto H's questions -- he asked whether I had any tips to help him become a better writer and reader.

So, Alberto, here are my tips. The truth is, my advice is pretty basic. The main thing is KEEP WRITING AND READING. The more you do these two things, the better you'll get at them. And as you know, writing and reading are connected. Writing will make you a better, more sensitive reader and reading will make you a more conscious skilful writer. 

I also want to tell Ms. Katonah that I'm impressed she is encouraging her students to write to authors. It's a great way to get the studnts writing, and to increase their interest in the books they are reading. So if any of my new friends in Cicero are reading today's blog entry, send me a comment. I promise to write each of you a proper letter, hopefully this coming weekend! 

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