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Report from the Computer Room: Westwood Senior High

 Hello hello, dear blog reader!

It's lunch time at Westwood Senior High School in Hudson, Quebec, and I'm in the computer room, writing today's blog entry. I love the sounds of a high school at lunch -- boys' booming voices, girls' laughter, lockers slamming, and yes, a bit of swearing too.
The reason I'm feeling so happy today is I had a great morning with Ali Welik's Work-Oriented Training Path Students. They're a group of young people (that's them in today's pic), aged 14 to 17, who spend three days a week with Miss Welik, and the rest of the week in the workplace. Two of the boys work at local grocery stores, one works at a vet, and the only girl in the class works at a salon. As you can imagine, they've got lots of stories!
That was basically my goal this morning: to help the students find the stories they need to tell. When I mentioned I take boxing lessons and that I'm writing a book about a girl boxer, a student named Norm told us a great story! Apparently, he is a boxer too (a serious one!), and because he works in the meat department at an IGA store, he sometimes uses the cow carcasses for punching bags!! When I heard that story, the top of my arms went cold -- the way they do when I hear or see (or smell!) a great story or a great detail.
Then Spencer, who was sitting next to Norm, did something I love and believe in: Spencer PLAYED with the story, asking my favourite question, "What if?" What if, Spencer wondered, the head butcher walks in when his young employee is practising his punches on a cow carcass? Would the young employee get fired -- or would he talk his way out of it? See... there's a perfect example of how a story can be rooted in reality, but then imagination takes over. Way to go, Spencer!
As usual, I tried to jot down certain DETAILS. That's because DETAILS HELP BRING STORIES TO LIFE. The only girl I told you about is named Charlie (short for Charlotte). (I think it would be cool to read her story... what is it like to be the only girl in a room full of boys? And I love that her nickname just happens to be a boy's name!). I also observed a guy named Joey's smile. He tries not to smile, but when he does, his lower lip curls up the tiniest bit. You know what, Joey? I'm going to use your smile in one of my stories.
This afternoon, I work with one more group -- they're a Grade 11 class. If I like them half as much as I liked Miss Welik's gang, well, it'll be a perfect day!
Three cheers for stories -- and kids with great stories to tell (and interesting smiles)!

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