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Stan Lee on Writing

In case you never heard of Stan Lee, he's the 88-year-old former president of Marvel Comics and the creator of a huge cast of superheroes including Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and X-Men.

I just read an interview with Lee in a new book called Hire Me, Hollywood by Mark Scherzer and Keith Fenimore. 

So, here's the part I totally love -- Stan says: "I really don't like writing; I like the result when I'm finished writing. It's so hard when I have to write something, I'll wait until the last minute. I talk to my wife, watch television, shine my shoes ... anything to keep from having to get started. I think I like it because I'm conceited and I just like admiring myself as I'm doing it. I think, 'Jesus that is good. You're doing it Stan, you thought of that, you're the best.'"

Thanks, Stan, for that good laugh -- and your wisdom. You are great.

PS: Watch for my profile of Mark Scherzer in the Montreal Gazette. Mark's from Montreal and will be in town on October 1 to launch the book here.



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