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Three Cheers for Grandmothers!

So I am working on Chapter Six of my new manuscript. I get some of my ideas when I am just waking up, or just falling asleep. This weekend, I was waking up and wondering what would happen in ChapterSix. I have already introduced a secondary character who is a grandmother -- and I thought, hey, I'm in the mood to write about her.

I'm a great fan of grandmothers. I was really close with my "Oma" (the Dutch word for grandmother) -- my mum's mum. In fact, though she has been dead for many years, I still feel very close to her. Though I don't believe in ghosts, I feel Oma's presence somehow -- especially when I am in the kitchen, or setting the table for supper (Oma loved a nicely set table).

Tonight I need to finish the line edit of The Middle of Everywhere. That's because later this week, I'll be getting the final proofs of Junkyard Dog, my other fall book. So it's a rather busy week for this writer. What are YOU up to? If you're lucky enough to have a grandmother, do me a favour -- e-mail or phone her up and tell her how much you love her.And don't tell her I made you do it!!

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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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