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Trying to Post a Pic!!

Oh my goodness!! I think I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO IT -- AND IT WASN'T EVEN SO HARD!! I've just posted a pic of Wednesday's launch of my latest book, 121 Express. The lady in the middle is me -- the young people are some of my students (past and present). You can tell from the pic, how pleased I was to see them at the launch. Way to go, Monique! (If I may say so myself!!)

(Five minutes later. After checking the website from the front-end.) Rats!!! I take back that compliment I just paid to myself. It didn't work! I need a computer wizard to help me figure out how to post pics on this blog. I'm okay with words -- but technology, well, that's another matter altogether. But as soon as I'm through with the pile of correcting that's due this week, I promise to figure out how to post pics on the blog. A shame too -- since it was SUCH A LOVELY PIC!! 

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Guest - Kim on Monday, 05 May 2008 20:30

Oh well... at least you tried!

Oh well... at least you tried! ;)
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