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Two Miss Fréchettes At One School?

How you may ask can there be two -- count them, two! -- Miss Fréchettes at Shawinigan High School? How confusing for the students!! And to make matters even MORE confusing, the two Miss Fréchettes are identical twins!! (That is them in today's pic.)

Thank goodness that yesterday they were wearing their hair in different styles. Otherwise, photographer Monique Dykstra and I, who were at the school helping students work on their chapter in this year's edition of Quebec Roots: The Place Where I Live, would have been unable to tell the Miss Fréchettes apart. That is Cloann Fréchette with her hair down, and Marilou Fréchette with her hair piled on top of her head.

So, I was thinking... wouldn't it make a great story to have two identical twin sisters teaching in the same school? Imagine the possibilities for fun -- and trouble (two essential ingredients in a good story!!).

One more thing... before I get back to work on my newest book project... Monique Dykstra was shooting photos at the school yesterday when she turned to me and said, "What I'm trying to do with pictures is not be so afraid. When you're afraid, you don't try something new -- you just want the picture to work. Fear drowns out instinct." Of course, I thought that what she said was so smart that I grabbed my pen and wrote it down. So today, I'm wishing you -- and me, and Monique D, courage to try new things when you (or we) tell stories using words and photographs!!

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Monday, 11 December 2023

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