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Writer Returns to Residence!

That's Kayla in today's pic. I photographed her READING MY NEW BOOK this morning at Riverdale High School in Pierrefonds.

As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I'm writer-in-residence at Riverdale High School this year, thanks to a wonderful program called Libres Comme L'Art run by the Blue Metropolis Literary Foundation.

I'm working on a story and I've got about 30 terrific assistants -- Mrs. Scott's class.

Today, I read the students Chapters 2 and 3 of the project and they seem to think it's coming along. Best of all, they've got all sorts of great suggestions. I've been telling the students how important it is for a writer to know her characters. Once you know your character, it's easier to figure out the plot since character tends to determine action. (That's a bit complicated, I know, but it's a really useful thing to consider when you are planning out a story.)

A student named Saba-Lou demonstrated that she really "got" this concept -- that's because she suggested that the main character, Jordie, might do a decent thing not so much to be decent but because he wants to impress the girl he likes. Saba-Lou, you are so right about that!

I divided students into groups and had them write notes about various scenes I want to include. One group came up with great DETAILS about their school auditorium where assemblies are held; another group worked on describing an incident that would lead to the students getting detentions, and one student wrote an account of what happens during Saturday morning detentions.

Hey, if you're one of Mrs. Scott's students reading this and you didn't hand in your notes at the end of class, can you give them to Mrs. Scott and I'll get her to mail them to me? I want to use as many of your ideas as possible as I continue writing the story.

I'll be back at Riverdale on November 5 -- with, if all goes well, two new chapters to share. Can't wait!






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