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Writers Writing at Mackay Centre

I quite like today's pic because it shows you one of my favourite scenes: WRITERS WRITING! I was back at Mackay Centre & Philip E. Layton School this morning for Part 2 of my writing workshop for students in Grades 3 and 4. Many of the kids at Mackay are deaf, blind or visually impaired -- but all I noticed were KIDS! Fun kids who were eager to work on their stories!

Last week, we discussed basics such as including a complication (AKA trouble!) in every story. Teachers Ms. Melissa, Ms. Anna and Ms. Glenna have been doing a great job teaching their students the elements of story including character and setting. The kids are also learning how important it is to start their stories in an interesting way and to work towards a resolution.

I asked the kids, "Who wants a boring story?" (unless you have insomnia and need help falling asleep!). I was delighted when a student named John called out, "No one!!" I was also happy when Ms. Anna used the word "trickle" (she was talking about a couple of students who might be late coming to our class). I told the kids that we writers are WORD COLLECTORS and that I definitely want to use the word trickle in my own stories. It's so much more interesting and nicer-sounding than walk in or arrive!

When I told the students the story of the monkey man charm I wear around my neck, a student named Liam remarked, "Wow!" It is very motivating for a storyteller (or author) when someone enjoys their story!! Thanks for that, Liam!

Some of the students worked on stories about their own precious objects. Liam got busy writing about his blue hat. Avi wrote an amazing story about his stuffed animal Goofy coming to life. Avi gave me permission to quote my favourite line: "Goofy never came to life again at least while I was around." I really love the at least when I was around part!!

I only spent two mornings at Mackay this month, but I have to say that I felt right at home. Special thanks to the teachers for sharing your kids with me, to the kids for making me happy, and to the Blue Metropolis Literary Foundation for making possible my visits to Mackay. And now I'm off to the Blue Metropolis literary festival to learn and have fun!! Maybe I'll see you there this weekend!


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