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Dear Selkirk Elementary Students


The reason I am smiling in today's pic is that I am reading the letters that came for me in yesterday's mail. They are from the students I worked with at Selkirk Elementary School in Whitehorse.

So, I thought I'd use today's blog entry to reply to you guys...

Dear Morgan, Caleb, Logan, Thaeron, Chanelle, Ritik, Ralph, Jessica, Cole, Kayden, Isaiah and Jess,

I am writing to thank you guys for your great letters. They came in yesterday's mail. I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday. You remember how I told you that sometimes writing feels frustrating and how I have to fight with myself to stay at the computer and continue fixing up my sentences and paragraphs? Well, it was that kind of a day. And guess what? Your letters cheered me right up!

I am glad that you seem to have enjoyed my visit. I also like that some of you (Isaiah, Kayden, Cole, Jessica, Ralph, Ritik and Chanelle) included drawings in your letters. Also, a couple of you made jokes about not listening to your dads -- that made me laugh out loud. You know what they say? That it's easier to make a reader cry than to make a reader laugh... so, good work!!

Jess, I'm glad you learned that writers need to leave the house to find inspiration. Thaeron, I'm happy that you enjoy writing about your personal life. Logan, don't ever give up! Caleb, it's great that my memory exercise worked for you. And Morgan, yes I remember your cool nail art!

I think school is over for you guys, but I hope that some of you will read this blog entry anyhow.

I miss the Yukon! You are lucky to live in such a gorgeous place! Look out for bears, okay? (I saw a grizzly bear with her two cubs on the day before I left.)

I will keep your letters in a special place -- and read them whenever I need cheering up. Have a great summer. Make time to read and write!

Thanks again for your letters!

Signed, Your Monique

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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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