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Lots to Blog About - Includ'g Blue Met & Early Start on TD Cndn Children's Bk Wk

Warning to readers of this blog entry: you might need to take a nap after you read it. I'm going to tire you out when I fill you in on all the excitement over here!

I'll start by explaining today's pic. It was taken last Sunday at the Montreal launch of my new YA novel, Straight Punch. That gentleman standing next to me? He's Big Ron, my boxing coach -- and also a character in the book. Big Ron was kind enough to let me hold the launch at his boxing studio -- and let's just say it was super fun.

Tonight at 7 PM, Big Ron and I are doing a talk together at the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival here in Montreal. The only problem is: we only have 45 minutes and we both love to talk. I'm also doing a boxing demonstration. I think Big Ron is worried I won't look so good -- so he's invited another pupil, Marie, to show some moves, too!

Tomorrow, we are launching three very special Blue Metropolis publications at the festival -- the latest edition of Quebec Roots; a book called Before & After; and sample chapters from my upcoming novel, Hate Mail, which I wrote with the help of students from Riverdale High School. And there's more... I told you you might need a nap after reading this!

The more is ... are you ready because it's exciting? ... I'm going to be doing a presentation at Westmount High School with my editor Sarah Harvey. Sarah is coming to Quebec for TD Canadian Children's Book Week which kicks off on Monday, May 5. Because Sarah is coming to town early, she'll be staying at our house. Yippee! The funny thing is that though Sarah, who is also an author, and I have become good friends, we only met for about five minutes and that was back in 2007. Our friendship is based on emails and phone conversations, often about books, but also about life! So, I promise to provide a full report on how that visit goes! At Westmount High, we'll be discussing writing and editing YA books and the special bond between authors and editors.

Tomorrow night, I'm back at Blue Met for a storytelling event called This Really Happened. I'm one of six storytellers telling a story without notes. One of the organizers told me she worries people may be practicing too much. I assured she didn't have to worry about me... I'm too busy to practice. The theme of the evening is misunderstandings and I'm telling a story about a baby gift, but it's really about me and my husband and our opposite approaches to life.

And then, HERE COMES THE BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL, I'm off to the Yukon on Saturday morning for TD Canadian Children's Book Week. I'll be visiting 14 schools next week, and doing a writing workshop at the Whitehorse Public Library this coming Sunday. Stay tuned to this blog to read all about it.

And you know what I'm going to do when I come home -- besides finish my correcting? I'm going to do NOTHING FOR A FEW DAYS... and then, I'm going to do my favourite thing of all: START A NEW BOOK. Because if I don't, how else am I going to get invited to do all this kind of cool stuff? Okay... go take that nap now!!


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