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For a person who is hardly ever SPEECHLESS, I must say I AM and WAS!!

My friend Viva and I are back in Nairobi today after a six-day safari. We saw so many wonderful things that I hardly know where to start. But because I don't have long at the Internet, I'll tell you about the times I was speechless.

One was when two hippos crossed the road in front of us.
Another was yesterday, when we came within three feet of four cheetahs. Three were male and they were competing for the affections of a female. Unfortunately for them, she wanted nothing to do with any of her suitors!!

And I've discovered a new favourite animal: the warthog. It's true they're not beautiful. In fact, they look like big hairy pigs with huge snouts... but they love to play in the mud. And it's hard to resist an animal who's clearly having such a good time.

I promise to post pics when I'm back next week. Tomorrow we're off to a kitesurfing village in Diani Beach, near Mombasa.
In the mean time, I wish you warthog fun!!

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Sunday, 19 May 2024

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