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See All These People Listening So Attentively?!

Have a look at the people in today's pic. Can you see that they are listening super carefully?!!!

Guess what they happen to be listening to?

YOURS TRULY (your faithful blogger!) reading from my new book, Miracleville. See, that's my red watchband in the bottom right corner of the pic.

We're just home from the launch party. Though it lasted 2-1/2 hours, it felt like about 15 minutes to me. (Ever notice how the fun times go really quickly?) I was very touched and pleased that so many friends and fellow writers and teachers, and even some of my favourite students (past and present) turned up to help me celebrate.

Special thanks to my friends at Babar en Ville for hosting the party. I'll write again soon to tell you a little more about how it went. For now, this writer has to go to bed... so that she can wake up tomorrow morning and WRITE!!! (How else can I ever have another launch party?!!)

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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