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Virtual Visit to Magazine Writing Class at McGill University

Recently, Richard George Andrews, who works at McGill University's Development and Alumni Relations office, wrote to ask if I'd pop by some Wednesday evening to visit his Magazine Writing class. The course is offered through the McGill Writing Centre. Because this is such a busy period for me, I suggested we do the visit by Skype. And if I may say so myself, it worked out well! The timing was good, too, because we'd agreed to start at around 8 P.M., and our supply of Hallowe'en candy ran out about ten minutes before that!

So, I thought today, I'd tell you about what Richard's students and I discussed. I told them a bit about how I broke into journalism (basically, I was persistent and I started to read the newspaper like a writer, instead of a regular reader, paying special attention to any spots in the paper where I noticed content from freelance writers).

A student named Diana wanted to know what a typical workday is like for me. I warned them I am a little obsessed with writing, so maybe I am not the best example! Then I showed them the shelf in my office where I keep my journals. I wanted them to know that for many years, I have started every single day with a 3-page journal entry. My work in the journal is a way for me to warm up my writing muscles. I can't even bear to imagine a day that doesn't start with my journal (and a little cup of espresso)!!

I also told Diana that while I'm writing, I take many tea breaks. But I explained that, to a casual observer, though those tea breaks might look like I'm slacking off, they are part of my writing process. When I walk downstairs to the kitchen, when I plug in the kettle, when I watch the teabag steep in the hot water... I AM THINKING ABOUT WHAT I AM WRITING. And I've noticed that often, my best ideas come to me when I am fussing with my tea!

Richard wanted to know whether I dream of giving up teaching to write full time. I told him the truth -- that sometimes my schedule does feel too hectic, but that I love all the things I do: teaching, writing fiction, and working as a journalist. You know, over the last years, I've often felt a little wacky when I try to explain that to people, but just this week when I met author Mariko Tamaki (see the previous blog entry to learn more about her), she said something that was true for me too: "I can't turn down interesting work."

So, here's what I wish for Richard's students: May you find lots of interesting work, may your arms tingle at good stories, and may you write what you need to write.

Oh, a word about today's pic. At the end of our Skype session, the students clapped. So I whipped out my camera and asked them to clap again -- so I could capture the moment for you, dear blog reader!

PS: Don't forget you're all invited to the launch of my newest YA novel, Pyro. The party is this Sunday from 2 - 4 P.M. at the Firefighters Museum, 5100 St. Laurent Blvd. I'll be doing a mini writing workshop from 2 - 2:30 ... writers of any age are welcome to join me for that.

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